Telling your story is my passion

My aim is to make those looking feel they were there!

About Me

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My Style


Got my first 35mm film camera at 17 and now nearly 40 years later I have an ever expanding dslr camera and lens collection. Since that day a growing passion for capturing those candid real moments in life not posed perfect false smiles.  Yes I do take some to keep the Great-Aunt, Nannas, etc happy but then my sessions are a lifestyle approach in a comfortable environment which suits YOU! What makes you you? Long walks with the dog in the park, dancing, bbq`s, home cooking perhaps even down the pub!

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My Passion for Photography

Coming from a wildlife background (which I still shoot for fun) I have had a diverse photographic journey over the years. It wasn`t until I realised to follow my own style and not be trapped by being labelled a wedding or an erotica tog that I`m going to do things MY way to get the best  and create awesome results.  SO I`M A LIFESTYLE AND BOUDOIR PHOTOGRAPHER   

What`s the point of doing one genre and becoming stifled - no getting stagnant with me as my weeks are so varied - one day I`ll be birdwatching, chasing dragonflies along a lakeside for me then capturing chaos of kids and dogs rushing around then onto a boudoir model shoot for work I love too

It`s an amazing time to be me so come along it`s usually fun and 

always ends up with gorgeous photos...



Beauty is in the eye of the beholder and we never see ourselves as others do - I have an eye for posing you in a way that shows off your best assets and hides the less flattering bits.  With me it`s the subtle illusion rather than revealing all... let`s you rock with what you`ve got and stop sadly looking back at old photos of you - empower yourself in ten years time you`ll surely be impressed! 

With my boudoir style subjects can be anonymous if they desire OR have any tattoos,  piercings, yep even faces - crisply captured.   

Am I the right photographer got YOU?


Well am I the right photographer?

Everyone needs something different and so not to waste your time here is what I DON`T do...

Firstly, I`m never a loud in your face type of person - more of patient, quiet, ninja-like presence blending in though I admit I`m much bossier with my cameras at my side! 

Hopefully my work speaks for itself...


I will NEVER do those "congratulations you`ve won a free portrait session contests" shooting you, letting you have one 8x10 and then charging ludicrous prices for items that weren`t included in offer!

YOU  will get photos as WE arranged - any further products can be ordered  from my smugmug site from your passworded private folder... 

I don`t do any "hard sell" like that as hate when its tried on me...really have better things to do with my time too, lol! 

I`d MUCH rather be out taking more photos.

Documentary style lifestyle and boudoir shoots

I love a candid "real" approach to ALL my photography - so after a documentary style that is usually fun to do whilst we create superb wall art.

What is important to YOU in your pictures?  I endeavour to create the pictures that you would be proud to display on your wall and your social media too.  To be honest if your pictures are really not important to you then I`m definitely not the tog for you - no matter what the event I will always do my best  - every photo matters to me

N E W B O R N and TODDLER photos

Yes I love babies but the the real thing, cute and adorable for real - so not false newborn in artsy take an hour to pose for one flower basket picture, sorry, though I do know another tog that can do that style for you.

W E D D I N G S and Engagement

My passion really is for capturing those candid real moments in life not posed perfect false smiles.  Yes I do take some to keep the Great-Aunt, Nannas, etc happy yet I will capture those special moments that you usually never see on your busy day, that mean so much more to you afterwards rather than just having everyone stand in a long row! 

I always do an engagement or a couples shoot BEFORE the big day so we can meet - I can learn what your style is and how you look best in front of my cameras. These pictures later make up the guest book for everyone to sign at your wedding.

I will have another tog with me on the day too, so all views can be covered. Coverage is commonly around 12 hours to get preparation to the final guests at the end of the evening - so not disappearing fast as soon as first dance is over!  So yes we will be there to shoot those moments and we can also bring our photo booth along too!

I usually only do ten weddings a year, so book early...

I`m always open to destination weddings too... so ANY weddings that are not in 50 miles of Thetford, Norfolk, UK with extra expenses covered


My first shoot with Dawn, a location shoot and what a fabulous shoot it  was. Such a great photographer. Was so at ease with her and great sense of humour.  (Rachel)

She has such a great energy and flow to how she works.  As a person utterly hilarious, likes to be different, bold and fun!  (Amber)

She has a fabulous sense of humour that had me giggling throughout the  shoot, the angles she moves into are really cool and her way around the  camera is ever so perfect!  (Jezebelle)

First shoot with Dawn and her partner Martin yesterday. Arrangements  went very smoothly and they'd done a great job scouting outdoor  locations and acquiring some cool props. Both were full of ideas and enthusiasm and very easy to get along with. I have no hesitation in recommending them (Mick)

 I met Dawn and her lovely photographer husband Martin, and wow what a fantastic day we had. Dawn and Martin were an absolute  joy to work with, making me feel completely at ease from the onset (Junea)

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